Focused on the field of Prestressed and Reinforced Concrete Electric Pole Machines/ Concrete Phc Pile Machine/Mold and other Concrete products forms with complete Solutions based on turnkey project with complete series of production machines and training of production experience guidance.  We keep pursing the innovation and developing of core technologies to provide customers with complete project investment analysis and other concrete products production solution support from technology and service. By now , Furat concrete electric pole/phc pile plant have been built more than 20 countries all over the world. We are holding hands together with customers all over the world to develop more business opportunity in power infrasturcture ,building construction and municipal engineering field from project regulating to trial production .

Qingzhou Hexie Building Materials Co.,Ltd (Furat Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd)is always standing in technology and service frontier of concrete pole machinery,concrete pile production line machine , vertical and inner core vibration concrete culvert pipe machinery and block making machinery and concerned about advanced manufacturing technology and customers requirements so that developing some products for different customers for different application .


Qingzhou Hexie Building Materials Co.,Ltd (Furat Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd )provide project consulting, technology training, installation & commissioning , faliure inspect, machinery repair and maintenance etc and make new projects design with customers' requirments until provide the good products .To satisfy customers through whole project which is really Furat Turnkey Service .