vertical extrusion concrete pipe machine introduction

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Vertical Radial Extrusion Pipe Machine is divided into four parts: mechanical system, electrical system, pneumatic system and hydraulic system.  Mechanical system improve the concrete pipe productivity mainly by the operation of various mechanical components; electrical system for a variety of electrical equipment to provide power and to achieve the system of intelligent control; pneumatic system mainly uses air compressor to provide air pressure to achieve a variety of cylinders Of the hydraulic system is mainly for all the hydraulic device to provide power.

Vertical Extrusion Pipe machine machinery and equipment is the most important structural machine of the whole system of vertical concrete culvert pipe prdouction system, mainly bconsists of framework,  power reduction box, feeding mechanism, feeding grinding device, mold turntable, socket forming machanical parts, mold and accessories.

Spigot End Forming System


Extrusion Roller 


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