Prestressed Concrete Pole Mould Structure Improvement

2017-06-24 08:48:52 grant 7

Improvement of Prestressed Steel Mould Structure 


1. Improvement of Concrete Spun Pole Mold Cylinder Steel Plate


Riveting Structure of Concrete Pole Mould Cylinder Steel Plate is changed to collar welding structure. And the longitudinal steel plate of vertical direction is changed to T shaped bar which improves mold cross section inertia moment. Compared with the old type concrete spun pole mold, the new concrete pole mold increases the rigidity by 15% while the total weight is slightly reduced, and the two-way (vertical and horizontal) stiffness is equal, which overcomes the shortcomings of the horizontal stiffness.

The concrete pole mold of the welding structure not only the abolition of a large number of rivets, to avoid the nail in the products left traces to ensure that the surface smooth, easy stripping, but also eliminates the drilling, riveting, web processing and other processes to improve the mold manufacturing process, The processing time, reduce the cost.

2. Improvement of Concrete Pole Mold Running Wheel

There are three aspects of the improvement of the concrete pole mold running wheel: a) The concrete pole mould running wheel is divided by a straight line;b) The original wheel are edgeed with a change of 2 meters per interval with a wheel without edges for concrete pole mould running wheel; c) The force of the running wheel and the bearing flange force point 25mm to two force points overlap.


For the concrete pole mould running wheel subdivision changed to oblique line, when the concret spc pole mold is running, the contact between the running wheel and the centrifuge spinning machine wheel will change from the straight line into a slanting transitional contact. In this way, as long as the centrifugal spinning pole machine installation accuracy reaches standard, the mold will be able to run in balance, reduce the impact, reduce noise, to overcome the concrete pole mould running wheel profile easy to wear and round the phenomenon, to extend the life of the wheel. At the same time, because each concrete pole mould running wheel slash assembly was octagonal shape, can be formed in the mold opening and closing longitudinal positioning, to overcome the concrete pole mold when the upper and lower mold longitudinal easy to dislocation , and when it is easy to operate the assembling of the concrete pole mold .