The Requirements and Characteristics of Centrifugal Spinning Concrete Spun Pole Machine Operation

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Centrifugal spinning pole machine is the necessary equipment to manufacture spc concrete spun pole. When prestressed concrete electric pole mold is equipped with a certain number of steel cage and concrete, the centrifugal spinning pole machine drives the concdrete pole mold from slow speed to fast rotation the role of concrete in the concrete pole mold due to centrifugal force, After a certain period of time and steel bonding, and tightly adsorbed in the steel mold wall, dense, after curing into a cement pole. Centrifugal molding machine mainly by the roller, the drive shaft, driven shaft, bearing seat, pulley, base, electromagnetic speed motor composition.

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Concrete Centrifugal spinning pole machine should be consistent with the "cement products industry with centrifugal molding machine technical conditions" requirements, the performance of the centrifuge to be good, strong and durable, smooth operation, and should meet the process design speed requirements. The thickness of the wheel and the height of the vertex, the horizontal and coaxial degrees of the common axis of the wheel, and the error of the parallelism of the adjacent two axles (ie, the consistency of the end of the same side) are not more than 1mm. The center distance of the wheel should be determined by the angle between the pole and the wheel of the steel mold. The angle between the center of the steel mold is 75-110 °, preferably 90 °.

When the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of centrifugal spinning concrete spun pole machine shaft is equal to or slightly larger than the self-gravity of the concrete, the concrete can overcome the influence of gravity, and the sedimentation is located scattered around the concrete pole mold without slumping away from the rotation center. When the speed continues to rise, the centrifugal force of the concrete mixture in a variety of material particles in the direction of centrifugal force squeezed around the wall to achieve uniform and dense molding.

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