Brief Introduction of Concrete Spc Pole Mould

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Concrete Electricity Spun Pole Mould Introduction


Concete electricity spun pole mouldis used to produce prestressed and reinforced spc poles . How much do you know about it ? Here we will have a brief introduction of spc pole mould by learning about function of concrete spc pole mould, supporting machines, production process etc.

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Leave alone the main purpose of concrete pole mould, first of all, it’s used for production of concrete spc poles. The length and diameter of concrete poles are all different. From 6m to 15m, from 110mm to 350mm, other specifications of concrete poles can also be customized .

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Concrete Pole Mould Supporting Machines include : Centrifugal spinning machine, concrete mixing machine, steel wire tensioning machine, button heading machine, steel wire straightenning and cutting machine, overhead cranes etc.

Production Process of concrete spun poles:

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place the steel bars cage and concrete into concrete spun pole mould and fasten the bolts . Place the concrete pole mould on the centrigual spinning machine riding wheels and driving it rotate with high speed . With the force of centrifuge, the concrete will be compacted. After centrifugal spinning process, the concrete pole mould with concrete pole will be placed into steam curing chamber for steam curing . The whole process will take 4 hours . After steam curing , the mold will be open and take out the concrete poles and dry them outside for two or three days with water curing everyday. It can be used for power transmission.


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