Production Solutions For RCC Concrete Pipe Molding Machine

2017-08-22 10:44:58 grant 5

Production Problems and Solutions For RCC Concrete Pipe Molding Machine

(1) Steel Wire Cage Displacement and Deformation
In the process of the suspension roller pipe machine forming rcc pipe process, due to the use of dry hard concrete, steel wire cage by the larger radial pressure, and with the feeding side of the rolling and rotation process, repeated role is gradually strengthened, resulting in concrete pipe steel wire cage deformation, displacement. The way to avoid this is to enhance the overall rigidity of the steel frame, to strengthen the fixing of the skeleton in the pipe mold, and to control the steel bar of the protective layer into the U-shaped steel bar and increase the error to about 2mm.


(2) Inner and outer Concrete Pipe Wall collapse


The phenomena of pipe wall collapse, wall separation and pipe - mould separation are the quality problems of rcc pipes, especially in the environment of low temperature. With the increasing of rcc pipe diameter, the self - arching effect of circular arc decreases. rcc pipe wall thickness increased, the upper part of the concrete gravity increased. While lifting the process of vibration, it is necessary to produce wall collapse, the outer wall from the mold off. Avoid the way is: try to produce the diameter of 1000mm below the strict control of water-cement ratio and reduce the vibration generated during the lifting process while prolonged listening time.