Concrete Pole Mould Manufacturing Process

2017-08-22 22:09:50 grant 15

How the Mold of Concrete Pole Mould Factory is Classified and Manufactured

When talking about the concrete spun pole mould, we can know its used to produce concrete poles from the words combination. But concrete pole mould here is not used but concrete pole steel mould. The variety of methods and process in during manufacturing concrete electric pole mould makes some difference no matter in material or precision . These difference of quality and precision cause the difference in concrete pole mould price .

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The quality of concrete pole mould can be distinguished from below points:

  1. Mateiral of Concrete Spun Pole Mould

Mateiral of concrete pole mould is one part effecting the concrete pole mould . The quality of material effects the strength and wearing degree of concrete electric pole mould . The strenght mainly is the protection of mould cylinder and the wearing means the fastening bolts and running wheels. On the choice of concrete pole mould cylinder, the metal plate of Q235 is mostly used. But this material can also be replaced by Q345 which is a kind of better low alloy but high strength material.

  1. Concrete Pole Mould Material

The concrete pole mould running wheel material is also the point. Concrete pole mould wheel is the bearing point and friction point of whole concrete spun pole mould. So its material cant be easier. 45# steel is the first Choice.