Utility Concrete Box Culvert Gallery Introduction

2017-09-05 22:35:53 grant 5

Utility Concrete Box Culvert Gallery

Utility Concrete Box Culvert Gallery.jpg

Utility pipe gallery is underground comprehensive concrete box culvert pipe gallery. A gallery tunnel space will be built undergroud to combine electricity power, telecommunication,fuel gas,heating supply, water supply and discharge in a whole installed with special access holes,lifting holes and monitoring system, planed, designed, constructed and manged together, is important infrastructure and "lifeline".


1. Compared to traditional pipe gallery poured on site, advantages of prefabricated concrete box culvert gallery:
Whole project progress will go faster(pipe gallery are disassembled to components for precast production in factory with high automatic degree and the production will be free of effects from any climate changing even it rains and winds and cold weather, the production in factory can still go on)
Lots of labors will be saved (automatic production lines in factory only require few workers for production . Construction site mainly works on lifting with few workers)
Simple operation procedures(many complex links are saved such as lifting can reduce many traditional foundation pit shoring and molds supporting which saves time and cost)
save water and energy(wet construction is reduced and no sewage on site, there is water recycling system)
Materials saving(framework supports are no required)
Time reduced(Site construction time is reduced)
2. Compared to whole prefabricated box culvert pipe gallery, advantages of prefabricated pipe gallery:
Productivity of prefabricated pipe gallery is more higher (Whole precast pipe gallery is produced on fixed mold table with complex process and low automatic degree and productivity which will effect project progress)Concrete box culvert mold cost saving will facilite production (pipe gallery can'te be produced with only one specification restricted from its function, conditions(buried depth,covering soil thickness, region), if overall precast pipe gallery, concrete box culvert mold need replaced if specificaiton is changed which will increase the cost. If  avermann automatic concrete  box culvert production line is used, one concrete  box culvert mold can produce different concrete box culverts with different specifications which will save much concrete box culvert mold costs.
Higher transportation efficiency and decrease transportation cost (overal precast concrete box culvert pipe gallery weight is so high that difficult transporation), while fabricated components can be transported easily with higher efficiency.

precast concrete box culvert.jpgConstruction difficulty is small(overall precast concrete box culvert weight and size is high, construction is difficult and huge safety problem. Prestressing construction is difficult and also cause much cost)
Concrete box culverts connection will be more fixed (prefabricated concrete box culverts joint is poured with concrete on site)