Uganda Customer Visited Our Company to Discuss Concrete Pole Plant Erection

2018-03-17 20:21:30 grant 305

In a sunshine day in our city, there is one customer from Uganda visited our company with the purpose to build one concrete pole factory in Uganda. With concrete electricity poles more and more widely used by local goverment in east africa countries, especially in Kenyan and Ethiopia, other neighboring countries are taking actions to start purchasing concrete electric poles for their LV,MV and HV electricity power transmission lines . 

uganda concrete pole factory.jpg

Since we built two concrete spun pole plants in Uganda in 2014, it has been three years by now. When we supplied concrete electric pole machines and built concrete poles plant for Uganda, the market hasn't started rise because Uganda goverment power company has no idea about advantages of concrete spun poles . But we believe , concrete poles will be used completely in this country at last. 

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