Difference of Vertical Type Concrete Pipe Machine and Roller Suspension Concrete Pipe Machine

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Difference of All Kinds of Concrete Culvert Pipe Machine

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With development of cement pipe machines in China, all kinds of concrete culvert pipe machines have come to our life. Among them ,there are two types are mostly widely used : Vertical Type Concrete Pipe Machine and Roller Suspension Type Concrete Culvert Pipe Machine. Then what is the difference of these two types concrete pipe machines ? Let me introduce now:

1.Vertical Concrete Pipe Machine

Vertical concrete pipe machine .jpgVertical concrete pipe machine form concrete culvert pipes with concrete extrusion from inside of concrete pipe mould. Every concrete pipe formed by vertical pipe machine is one meter one segment and average length is 200 to 1000mm and mainly used in urban sewerage and drainage, water supply facility.

2.Roller Suspension Concrete Pipe Machine

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Roller suspension concrete pipe machines produces concrete culvert pipes with supporting concrete pipe molds with main roller and meantime press concrete inside concrete pipe mold by pressing. When the main roller drives concrete pipe mold rotating with high speed , concrete inside concrete pipe machines will form pipe shape around concrete pipe mold. Concrete pipe produced by roller suspension concrete pipe machines is 2 to 4meters and diameter is 2 to 2.5m which is widely used in municipal engineering, urban and township drainage projects, bridge .

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