Production Process Comparisonof RCC Pipe Machine and Roller Suspension Pipe Machine

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Production Process Comparisonof RCC Pipe Machine and Roller Suspension Pipe Machine

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                                    Roller Suspension Reinforced Concrete Pipe Forming Machine                      Rcc Centrifugal Spinning Concrete Pipe Forming Machine

ONE. Different cost for the equipment: with same specification, the price of centrifugal spinning rcc concrete pipe machine is higher by 50% than roller suspension concrete pipe forming equipment.

TWO. Different maintenance cost:with different use requirement of the equipment, centrifugal spinning machine should be repaired with big lathe, and repairing times and cost are higher than cost of roller suspension concrete pipe equipment. Accident ratio to centrifugal spinning machine is higher than roller suspension equipment. Roller suspension equipment is easy to be repaired and customer can solve the problem themselves .

THREE. Different production efficiency: production efficiency of roller suspension concrete drain pipe equipment is higher by 40% than centrifugal spinning machine.

FOUR. Different concrete pipe appearance quality of concrete pipe: centrifugal spun concrete pipes’ surface is smoother than concrete pipe made by roller suspension equipment.

FIVE. Different waste materials produced: more waste slurry can be produced and the environment will be polluted by them, and rcc concrete pipe strength is easy to be decreased with centrifugal spinning machine by this reason.

SIX. Different force method to concrete forming: centrifugal spinning machine depends on centrifuge force generated by high speed rotation to make concrete compacted and dense. And for roller suspension pipe machine,  the concrete is formed with centrifuge force, vibration and roller pressure, its forming effect is better.

SEVEN. Different Mechanical Performance of concrete pipes: higher requirement on operation of Rcc pipe machien, concrete pipe will get layered and concrete slurry will be thrown away when concrete feeding. If you can’t operate it well, the impervious performance and compression strength will not be as good as the roller suspension equipment.

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