Concrete Spun Electric Pole Forming Mould Operation Manual

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Concrete Spun Electric Pole Forming Mould Operation Manual

1.Concrete electric spun pole forming mould will be lifted on concrete pole centrifugal spinning machine with no-load then run from low speed to high speed slowly.

Concrete pole mold can’t be used for concrete pole production unless concrete pole mold run steadily without runout.

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2.Demolding oil is painted on the inner wall surface of upper and bottom half concrete pole mould after opening concrete pole mould. Close concrete cylinder pole mold after steel wire cage is placed on bottom half concrete electric pole mould and concrete is poured evenly and groove plate is guaranteed without concrete inside it. There should not be any concrete falling on groove when closing prestressed concrete electric pole mould, but concrete spun pole mould should be open and clean again if there are some concrete inside groove.concrete pole mould.jpg

3.Fasten closing bolts of pre-cast concrete pole mold from two sides on one end to another end at the same time. And bolts fastening degree depends on position of bolts with nuts or concrete electric spun pole mould will deform.

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4.Pay attention to keep groove clean and concrete slurry can’t be leaked out, the effect will be better if waxed when reusing. Notice avoid to be crashed when operating.
5.Closed Concrete spun pole mould is hoisted to centrifugal spinning machine slowly and lightly. It will take 2 minutes for low speed and 10HZ frequency to centrifugal spin. And 3minutes spinning and 25HZ frequency for middle speed, and 6 minutes spinning and 50Hz frequency for high speed.

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6.Steam curing pool level is guaranteed horizontal when concrete pole molds are transported to steam chamber. Concrete prestressed pole mould running wheel connected with other concrete pole mold’s running wheel to avoid deforming when stacked in steam chamber.
7.Open two ends of concrete spun pole mould at the same time, four rings on bottom half concrete pole mould are hoisted simultaneously. Clean concrete pole mould along the ring after concrete pole come out. Concrete pole can’t be taken out with poured method and prevent to be crashed.
8.Pay more attention to safety when hoisting, All conrete electric spun pole mould can’t be hoisted over workers’ heads.


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