Concrete Pump Feeding System For Concrete Pole/Pile Production

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Concrete Pump Feeding System For Concrete Pole/Pile Production

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With the development of production ability, concrete pump feeding equipment are used in concrete phc pile ,concrete electric poles, concrete culvert, drainage pipe, precast wall and some big prefabricated parts production. The model of closed mold after concrete feeding is commonly used in round concrete electric spun poles production process. 6 to 8 workers requested for feeding and cleaning upper and lower concrete electric pole mold with bigger intensity, lower production efficiency and high potential safety which restricted the work ability of precast concrete pile and precast concrete pole, at the same time, concrete pole mold sealing and the risk of mold body deformation existed. And it is very hard to employ workers in concrete pile and pole field because of the high labour cost. So concrete pump feeding system replace traditional feeding to lighten work intensity, decrease cost and improve workability to achieve automatic production.

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I.Concrete pump feeding system working principle:
Concrete is conveyed into concrete pole mold evenly in specified time via conveying pipe. It is mainly according to concrete pile or pole pump to feed concrete. Trolley actuate part drive mold to move back and forth, weighing equipment shows the volume of concrete to control the speed of trolley to reach destination of even feeding.

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II.Structure of concrete pump feeding system
Pump, weighing trolley, electric controlling system and conveying pipe.
1.Pump include hydraulic system, main pumping system, lubrication system, dynamical system, drive part, structural part and electric system.

Hydraulic system: double pumping, double circuit opening system is adopted. Main pumping system is divided with swing system, and single oil pump control singly. Oil pump from Rexroth, hydraulic oil pipe from Manuli which can guarantee pump feeding system steady and durability and decrease the break down ratio of hydraulic system.
Cooling system: in consideration of particularity of concrete pile and concrete pole production, wind cooling and water cooling is used to guarantee the oil temperature steady of hydraulic system when in continuous operating.
Pump feeding system: gate valve type increase concrete indrawing.

2.Weighing trolley

Weighing trolley include trolley assembly,forth trolley, back trolley, trolley drive, slave, chain, encoder, weighing sensor, weighing frame.
Trolley drive is controlled with weighing program, and operating of trolley is controlled by the weight. Weight of concrete in mold is set on screen, trolley operating speed is controlled via the weight signal when feeding, and the screen shows fed concrete weight and mold moved distance at the same time.

Electric scale is made with radio transmitter, 8 weighing points to guarantee weighing steady..
3.conveying pipe

Conveying pipe is made of seamless steel tube, include reducer pipe and Y type pipe.
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4.Electric system
Main operate platform and electric control system are made of Siemens control system. We use PLC control system which is of tight structure, enabling,high reliability.

III.Pump feeding process flow
Feeding after close mold, and the closed mold will be hoisted to weight trolley for pump feeding.
1.The closed mold is hoisted to the specified place on trolley.
2.Enter into the operated platform to choose specification and reserved distance after mold is set. Generally, set distance is 0.5m, and it can be adjusted according to concrete collapse, and concrete weight should also be set.
3.Start self-motion button after reset mold weight on operate platform. Mold moves forward under trolley drive, at the same time encoder start counting and stop when reach specified position( such as stop at 9.5m if the length of mold is 10m). Operate platform screen shows the distance of mold moved and conveying pipe pressure and weight.
4.Starting feeding. Start auto-pump to feed after concrete in pumper hopper reach a height, at the same time, start the program, trolley go back when concrete in mold reach the start weight, and operate platform screen shows concrete feeding weight and the distance of trolley moving.
5.Concrete pump feeding and trolley stopped and auto-program over when concrete weight reach concrete pole mold required weight. Remove trolley out of mold with hand, and block off one end. Then concrete pole mold will be hoisted with slings to centrifugal spinning machine for spinning.
IV.Close concrete pole mold and pump feeding capacity
1.Close concrete pole mold before platform: change traditional fixing bolts on trolley to moving mold with plate chain machine, and make the mold closed place in the middle of two sets of warehouse which can decrease workers quantity and low down worker intensity and increase operating safety.
2.One pump feeding machine can finish one mold feeding with average 2minutes, the capacity is 30 molds per hour in general, 600 molds will be finished with working on two shifts 20hours.

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