What other products can be produced in concrete electric pole factory?

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What other products can be produced in concrete electric pole factory?

Nowadays more and more people invest in concrete electric pole production. And concrete spc poles do make a lot of profit for them. But there are still some people won’t earn much money.

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There are some successful projects in our customers, the normal cooperation model for concrete spun pole is concrete electric pole+concrete phc pile, concrete spc pole+brick, concrete hollow pole+ concrete pipe, concrete cylinder pole+precast wall panel.

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Concrete electric pole+concrete spun pile

This kind of products cooperation is widely used, most machines can be used for both concrete spun pole and concrete spun pile, so it will save much cost. This model is suitable for development countries .
Concrete spc pole+concrete pipe, concrete hollow pole+precast wall plate
The quantity of the two model investments is less than concrete pole+concrete pile model.  It is suitable for the countries in the beginning stage of development.
Concrete electric pole+ brick model
This kind of cooperate model is least, and it is suitable for some countries developmental delay.
All the cooperation production models are more and more invented by inventors all over the world. They are not only save cost, but also make much profit. Nowadays, more and more people are interested in concrete electric pole production.

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