What are differences of square concrete electric pole machine

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What are differences of square concrete electric pole machine

We can see concrete electric poles all around in city, in village. These concrete electric poles are used for our life, production communication, recreation and so on. Although they have different function, we will notice that they are round and tapered concrete poles.

Concrete electric pole is divided into many shapes. Round concrete pole is very common, and square concrete polex become less and less. But there are still some area or countries use square concrete electric poles.
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Concrete pole machine are made according to customers requirements based on types of concrete electric poles used in thier country.

Solid concrete pole

Solid concrete electric pole with highest strength under the same proportion, solid concrete electric pole is the most durable one in all the shapes of concrete pole. It is divided into horizontal type vibration and vertical type vibration.

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Hollow concrete pole

Not all the hollow concrete pole are made with same production process:
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Inner wall of Centrifugal spinning concrete pole is round, and wall thickness is hard to control, so there will be some error.
The shape of vibrated concrete pole can be made according to different shapes of mold will be ok. And the precision of concrete pole wall thickness is high.
Square concrete pole is widely used in addition to Round tapered concrete. Are the equipment for square concrete pole  same with round concrete pole? If the aspect is square, and inner shape is round, the production process are same with the round tapered concrete spun pole.
But if inner wall shape of square concrete pole is not round, it should be vibrated formed. The difference is centrifugal spinning machine and vibration machine. Other machines are same.
Production efficiency of Spun concrete pole with good quality is higher than vibrated concrete pole. So it is better to make square concrete electric pole with centrifugal spinning process. Thus investors will get back their cost in a short time.

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