1800mm diameter Concrete Drainage Pipe Culvert Mold For Concrete Pipe Production Plant

Concrete culvert pipe mold is one important part for precasting reinforced concrete pipe in concrete pipe plant.

1800mm Concrete Drainage Pipe Culvert Mold Introduction


Concrete culvert pipe mold is one important part for precasting concrete pipe. The welding section for Cylinder, hooped , longitudinal reinforcement, flange, run laps must be neat and smooth . concrete pipe culvert mold will be ensured with quality by careful structure inspection before delivery, welding crack is not allowed and inner wall must be smooth ;Daubing engine oil on the inner mould  to prevent the mould wall be rust in transport.

Concrete pipe mold is composed of steel plate and casting steel ring, it is not easy to deformation with good stiffness. The mold will be hanged into suspension roller machine after daubing isolation agent, check the stability of the steel cage structure and if it is with sundry before put into the mold ,Installing mold ,Mold connection is hinged by bolts and nuts.

Concrete pipe culvert mold need a higher stiffness ,spun collars concrete pipe can not store slurry ,the weld section for cylinder  ,hooped ,longitudinal reinforcement must be strong; it is needed to daub oil on inner mold to curing and inspect the mould , once find the mould deformation , It needs to be repaired immediately. Check if the size and concrete protective layer conform to the standard, if conformed ,then hang the mold in to the roller of machine.

Concrete culvert pipe mold.jpg

Accurate size is one of important factor for quality  , as well as the detail design for joint and retaining ring. The concrete pipe mold we produced use single slit mould , it is convenient to operate and not easy to deformation compared with double  slit mold . The inner diameter for retaining ring is bigger 3mm-5 mm  than the rule size according to the technology and pipe size requires. The mold cylinder should  avoid to connect  the steel plates on the longitudinal to prevent the mold deformation after welded which will impact the straight of the pipe.

 Hanging the plug ring into concrete culvert pipe mold slot in turn, lifting the two parts of mold to the area for closing mould with crane, then put the steel cage into one of the part. Adjust the position and steel wire protective layer, finally hang another part of mold merge with the previous one, check and adjust the steel cage ,tighten the bolts. Hang the concrete pipe mold slowly to the main roller of the machine , closed the frame and  plug the fixed pin ,Put the mold into the main roller of the machine , remove  the hook  and rope , and  remove crane . Thus the work of lifting concrete culvert pipe mould finished , then prepare to make concrete culvert pipe process.

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