Concrete Rcc Culvert Pipe Forming Machine

Concrete rcc pipe machine used for prefabricating rcc concrete pipe used for drainage, water supply etc with length from 1m to 2.5m and diameter from 300mm to 2200mm.

Concrete Rcc Culvert Pipe Forming Machine

Concrete rcc culvert pipe machine used for prefabricating rcc concrete culvert pipes used for drainage, water supply etc with length from 1m to 2.5m and diameter from 300mm to 2200mm.  It consists of steel base frame, transmission shifting mechanism, casting steel wheels(same material with train wheels), door frame,hopper, feeding machine and other parts.

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Rcc Concrete culvert pipe machine design must ensure that ratio of the suspension roller machine out diameter and inner diameter is 1:3 ~ 1:5, When working,  roller radial runout is not bigger than 1 mm.  At the same time activities door frame should be portable, there can be no jam phenomenon, opening angle is bigger than 120 degrees, commissioning should be smooth and no abnormal sound.

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Operation procedures of concrete rcc pipe machine: 1.First check the connection transmission part and everything is normal before starting. And then remove the positioning pin, the door frame to rotate 90 degrees outside. The hanging roller door frame, in a state of freedom. After the crane hoists concrete rcc pipe mold into the roller suspended main machine then close main machine doors. Make the hanging roller supports within the set. Insert the dowel locating hole and put down the mould. Let the mold inside the ring hole on the suspension shaft. Removing the wire rope, crane and ready to starting up. 2. The speed regulating motor makes the suspension roller idling with the concrete culvert pipe forming mold. After the normal running, start feeding machine to delivery the concrete to hopper. Through the conveyor belt of feeding machine sent into the mould. After the spinning, axis pressure and vibration. The concrete close-grained forming gradually. Make the feeding machine drop out the mould. At last turn off the main motor. 3. Using the crane to hoist the forming mould, make the suspension roller and molding wall overhead. Open the door frame, driving the crane to remove the mould out and depart the suspension roller. Put on the curing car and then sent it into the steam pool to steam. At last restore door frame to the original state and finish the all production process of a concrete pipe. The main structure characters of the concrete rcc pipe culvert machine: 1.There is a side door frame between the concrete pipe machine front and back door frame, in the bottom of the door frame there are embedded foundation at the scene of the installation. Door arm is made of vibration reduction, whole frame stable performance and the vibration reduction performance is good. Equipment in the process of running smooth, low noise. 2. In the overall design separated the main engineer and motor, improve the reliability of electrical appliances. 3. The main motor can be positive and negative to stepless speed regulation and speed range wide. The slow speed control device can meet the production requirements of reinforced concrete drainage pipe.4.Flexible door arm.

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