Complete Concrete Electric Pole Factory Equipment

Concrete spc pole factory is set up to produce prestressed spun poles to be used for electricity power transmission lines and communication transmission lines

Spc Electric Pole Factory Based Turnkey Service

Furat Company is devoted to providing integreted solutions for spc pole plant establishment based on turnkey project. Spc pole factory is set up to produce prestressed spun poles to be used for electricity power transmission lines and communication transmission lines. Accoridng to different power voltage request, there is LV, MV and HV concrete poles for power transmission . With different technology of spc pole production process, there is different concrete pole machine customized like spc pole mould , centrifugal spinning machine, concrete mixing station ,prestressing machine, HT wire cutting machine,  button heading machine etc.
Spc pole Machinery & Equipments and associated parts specified in this Section shall conform to the
latest edition of the international standards for operation in local ambient conditions. The Flow Chart for spc pole production line as below:

spc pole production line .jpg

The specification is to cover design, manufacture, testing & inspection of Machinery & Equipments to set-up a New Spun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) Pole Factory having following production capacity:

1. Main Product: spc pole mold.jpgSpun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) Pole mold of 140 to 350mm Tip Dia and 9 to 18meter Long with different breaking load/Dan.

2. Spc Pole Factory Production Capacity
The production capacity based on 4 nos. of centrifugal spinning machining each with15minute (Min) spinning time per spc pole, and production capacity of the SPC pole Manufacturing Factory at least 96nos.pole/10 hrs.

Complete Concrete Weigh Batching,Mixing Plant Machine

concrete pole mixing machine.jpg

Generally Concrete pole Weigh, batching, Mixing and pouring Plant will be a complete system ensuring an output of minimum 1m 3  of concrete per batch after weighing, batching and mixing of concrete for concrete pole production request, the concrete will be discharged through hopper where Concrete Feeding/Filling Machine will fill concrete mixture into a lower concrete pole mould.

Automatic Concrete feeding machine System

Automatic Concrete feeding machine.jpg

General  Automatic Concrete feeding and Pouring System shall be combined with one unit of Automatic Concrete Pouring machine, 2 unit of concrete filling cart and one unit of input chain

Automatic Concrete Pouring machine unit
Filling fresh concrete for spc pole mould. Type  Bi-directional screw feeder, one direction at a time, loss-in-weight type, hopper volume not less than 2m2

Tension Machine

tensionig machine-1.jpg

General of Tension machine Designed for pre-stressing PC bars simultaneously prior to centrifugal spinning process. Hydraulic type Tension Jack consists of a hydraulic cylinder and digital pressure
Indicator for simultaneous pre stressing  the w elded cage of P.C. wire with exact and equal tension on all P.C wires and pre-stressed concrete poles by simply pressing a control button. This tension jack is center-hole type for simultaneously tensioning equipped with coupler( male
and female coupling) , tension shaft, ram chair, Hydraulic up-down system (cylinder with support and height adjustment, and hydraulic pump with pressure guage)
complete with mounted on 4-wheel stand and programmed tensioning force of each size of concrete spun pole control panel including roll-tape printer of each tensioning.

Centrifugal Spinning Machine


1no.of Centrifugal type double mould Spinning Machine and 2 nos. of Centrifugal type single mould Spinning Machine is required to spin pre stressed PC wire cage and concrete filled complete PC Pole mould for compaction of concrete during spinning process. It should consists of Drive Roller with drive-shaft fixed with bearing, Idle Roller with bearing, Machine Bed, and computerized RPM and Speed control in 4 step (min) , and drive DC Motor with pulley and drive belt. The
complete machine is to sustain long-term and heavy duty operation for spun cast of Pole in any length from 9-12m pole and 15m pole. All of shaft, bearing block, drive rollers, idle roller and machine bead are to be machined.

Steam Curing Chamber

steam curing system.jpg

Cover for curing chamber Steel fabricated and insulated cover for 8nos. steam curing chamber, complete with sufficient hooks to lift or close cover to and from curing chamber. Each chamber containing minimum 6 moulds. Cover having minimum 2.9m(W) x 19m(L) x 0.2m (T) rectangular shape welded construction & using minimum 100channel steel construction. Insulation of Glass wool (minimum thickness 100mm) inside of cover.


A complete concrete electric pole factory is composed of centrifugal spinning concrete pole machine, concrete spun electric pole mold,  concrete mixing machine, concrete feeding machine, prestressing machine etc. Furat 20 years' EPC experience in concrete pole plant will save much time and cost for your concrete pole plant.

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