FT1800 × 2000 RCC Cement Pipe Mold

FT1800 × 2000 RCC Cement pipe mold can be used to produce concrete pipes with soft tongue and groove joint type and bell and spigot joint. Due to the larger diameter of cement pipe mould, cement pipe mold cylinder thickness is steel plate of 10mm, hoop reinforcing steel plate and longitudinal steel plates thickness is 12,14mm; each set of cement drain pipe mold need be processed inside with grinding machine before leaving factory to make sure smooth inner wall, round, to ensure the appearance quality of the cement pipe meets the standard requirements.

FT1800 × 2000 RCC Cement Pipe Mold

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RCC Cement pipe mold is an important factor affecting the appearance of concrete pipe quality. Concrete pipe mold parts of size of the error within the allowable range, no significant gap between the two ports and seams, the connection between the various parts should be fastened and reliable, cement pipe mold requires a certain stiffness of steel production, the size of the error to meet the quality requirements, the overall Stiffness to meet the construction requirements, the inner surface smooth, no rust.

Centrifugal RCC Cement Pipe Forming System Features

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1. Dry and hard concrete, dense wall, cement pipe body can withstand higher load strength;
2. Concrete feeding time is short, forming a short time, high production efficiency;
3. Less waste of concrete, no discharge of waste water and no pollution of the environment;
4.The process of producing low-frequency high-frequency noise intensity is low;
5.Furat rcc pipe mold choose good quality material and is designed with reasonable structure; reasonable design of tongue and groove joint which can ensure cement pipes can be taken out from rcc pipe mold easily.

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