10m-12m Prestressed Concrete Electric Pole Forming Machine

Centrifugal Spinning Pole Forming Machine is most important equipment for prestressed and reinforced concrete spun pole prduction.

10m-12m Concrete Electricity Spun Pole Forming Machine composed of casting steel base ,bearing base, motor , control cabinet and driving shaft is an important forming equipment of  prestressed and reinforced concrete spun pole production. It can form spc poles within length from 10m to 12m with 12m concrete spun pole mould. The connection shaft we use for our spinning pole machines is through shaft connectoin which avoid the stress focused on the shaft resulting to shaft breaking because of shaft diameter changing  ; the collar plates of spinning pole machines wheels can be disassembled to make the maintenance more easier.

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For Spc Pole Plant, Centrifugal spinning process time is generally 16min~18min while some plants shorten it to 12min which is the limit time of spinning process . To gain the good product, strictly production process must be worked out first. The high speed of centrifugal spinning should take 40% among all centrifugal spinning time. To shorten the spinning speed , the installation of centrifugal spinning poles machines must be very precise and conforms to requirements to meet the request of high speed rotation to improve the density of concrete and shorten the excess water discharging. The slight jump of concrete spun pole mould during centrifugal spinning can not be avoided. If the jump range is within 5mm~10mm ,it will be useful for concrete sedimention and density while more than this, it’s not normal even very harmful.
Centrifugal spinning machine forming rules go as low speed-medium speed-high speed .

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  1. Low Speed: if the concrete slump is<6cm, the rotation speed is 100rpm~120rpm, the rotation speed is 1.5min~2min.

  2. Medium Speed: For avoide equipment and concrete pole from impact and make sure excess water will be discharged slowly to make concrete density, it will take 1.5min~2min.

  3. High Speed: It’s the forming speed during the rotation, with enough centrifuge force, the excess water can be discharged out and guarantee the outer rotation speed is no lower than 360rpm, it takes 7min~8min.


A complete concrete electric pole factory is composed of centrifugal spinning concrete pole machine, concrete spun electric pole mold,  concrete mixing machine, concrete feeding machine, prestressing machine etc. Furat 20 years' EPC experience in concrete pole plant will save much time and cost for your concrete pole plant.

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