Concrete Round Phc Pile Mold

Concrete square pile mold 1.Latest design with two kinds of structure:traditional channel type and new square steel type for concrete square pile mold structure design. 2.Precise manufacturing technology.The four rounded radials of the square concrete pile mold are strictly controlled within 20 degrees.And general manufacturing angel is 26-30 degrees.(Small radials to the manufacturer equipment and personnel technical requirements are higher.) 3.The long lathe. Concrete pile mold which length is below 15m is complete vehicle processing.The concentration of the running wheel and flange plate is increased. 4.The appearance is simple,the welding joint are neat and full, tongue and groove sealing performance is good.

Concrete Round Phc Pile Mold(300mm-1200mm)

1.  Phc Pile Mold Introduction

Concrete Round Phc Pile Mold is used with centrifugal spinning machine to precast phc piles . Generally phc pile mold diameter ranges from 300mm to 1200mm . Main manufacturing technology of concrete pile mold is partially joining with  connection flange, fast assembly with high concentricity and high rigidity and good seal performance.

There are generally two types of PHC concrete pile mold: circular concrete pile mold and square concrete pile  mold. 

round phc pile mold.jpg       square pile mold.jpg


 2. Concrete Phc Pile Mold Features

2.1 Welding technology, First class welding machine enhances good finish of phc pile mold inner and outer surface and eliminates the uneven traces of rivet holes. So the concrete phc pile appearance will be improved obviously.
2.2 The cylinder is changed to U-type longitudinal stiffeners which can greatly increase the stiffness and flexural strength of the steel mold.
2.3 we use slot with rubber sealing strip to prevent leakage of concrete during concrete pile production to ensure quality.
3. Operation of Concrete Phc Pile Mold
3.1 Concrete Phc Pile Mold should work together with heavy concrete pile centrifugal spinning machine. The concrete pile steel mold should be placed on the centrifugal spinning machine smoothly.
3.2 Concrete with strength at least C50 are poured into concrete pile mold and is rotated in different directions under speed regulating motor driven.
3.3 In centrifugal spinning process, excess water in concrete is released by the force of centrifuge, and concrete gets dense and high strength. And then, concrete wil form cylinder shape around the inner wall of the concrete pile mold.
4. Appearance Quality of Concrete Phc Pile Mold
(1) Outside surface of phc pile mold should not have rag, sharp edge, welding slag and damage, etc. 
(2) Dislocation between welded splice and binding face should not be greater than 1mm.
(3) After bolts are tightened, nuts should be exposed. The length should not be more than 15mm.
(4) Longitudinal stiffened plates, circular configuration should be flat.
(5) Requirements of coating of pile mold surface should be conformed to terms of JC/T 402.

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