Circular Prestressed Concrete Electric Pole Mould

Circular concrete pole mould with two halves type structure is generally divided into equal-diameter and conical concrete pole mold .


Circular Prestressed concrete spc electric pole mould with two halves type structure is generally divided into equal-diameter and conical concrete pole mold which are both widely used in concrete electeric spun pole plant production for power transmission lines. 

With different application, specifications for Conical pole mold ranges from diameter Φ100-Φ470mm, length 6-15m, taper ratio: 1:75,1:66; same diameter mold : diameter of Φ200-Φ400mm, length above 6-10m ;Our conical concrete spc pole molds are all applicable to prestressed or reinforced concrete spun pole production.

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(1)Tongued and grooved welding process instead of riveting technology makes concrete pole mold surface more smooth and eliminates the uneven rivet hole trace, so that the concrete pole appearance quality has improved significantly.

(2)The longitudinal reinforcement on mould steel cylinder for "one" , all steel moulds are equipped with solid device, and the bending strength is greatly increased, the stiffness of steel mould to prevent deformation, prolong service life.

(3)Joint mouth inside groove processing into a trough and can install rubber sealing strip, encryption seals, prevent leak slurry, ensure the quality.
Our factory produces two categories of Pre-stressed conical concrete pole steel moulds, DMZ&DMD. The Prestressed Electrical Poles manufactured by this series equipments comply with national standard of JC/T364-2001.

Techncial Specifications

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A complete concrete electric pole factory is composed of centrifugal spinning concrete pole machine, concrete spun electric pole mold,  concrete mixing machine, concrete feeding machine, prestressing machine etc. Furat 20 years' EPC experience in concrete pole plant will save much time and cost for your concrete pole plant.

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